RFA specializes in high-profile, low maintenance stainless steel armour for live-action combat and jousts. Our combination of price and quality make armour from RFA the best value available. RFA also offers quality leather products to enhance your armour or accessorize your Renaissance Faire, Steampunk, Cosplay, LARP, Fantasy attire.


Red Falcon Armouries was started in 1992 in a small 10 x 14 backyard shed in middle Georgia with little more than a ball peen hammer, a dishing stump, and determination. Red Falcon Armouries is now called Red Falcon LLC, has a few more pieces of equipment and over 25 years of experience. Red Falcon has continued to make quality armour and has added other types of products including leather, fabric and brocade clothing, leather accessories and hats, masks, and feathers.


Red Falcon (Armouries) differs from other armouries by its dedication to bringing top quality, reasonably priced armour to the average fighter and jouster. We constantly strive to improve our designs to bring you the most effective, reasonably prices, functional and attractive armour possible.

Red Falcon also offers functional, attractive and reasonably priced leather attire and accessories to complete or compliment your Renaissance, Fantasy, Steampunk, LARP, Cosplay or any costuming needs. We are constantly working on new designs and products for a wide range of genres.

Red Falcon is one of the only companies still making leather kilts and corsets here in the United States for a reasonable price. Red Falcon makes about 95% of all products from base materials to finished product in the workshop in York, Pennsylvania. For the other 5%, most is purchased from local suppliers and artists right here in the United States and most of those are made exclusively for Red Falcon. Keeping sourced here in the United States is something we feel strongly about.

Our full-time job is making products for our customers. This is what we do every day and we are good at it. Let us make your next costume or accessory and see the different from other companies for yourself!

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