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Faire Season Over, Holidays Approaching

Red Falcon’s faire season is over for 2015, but not our selling season. While we are breathing a little easier now that we are not actively making product weekdays at the shop and weekends at the Faire, we are still making product to sell to you and we still have conventions, events and happenings all through the year!

The holidays, whichever you choose to celebrate – Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule, Hanukkah, Hogswatch or any other – will be here sooner than you think. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to order from Red Falcon to have a chance of us being able to make the item and get it to you in time for your holiday gift giving. We do try to make and keep some of each stock item available, so unless you are looking for something out of the ordinary or for a particular color scheme, we can probably make your order wish come true 🙂

While we are looking forward to the December holidays, let’s not forget the November ones: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. Thank you to the veterans. No matter your thoughts on war and foreign policies, these people did and do give their time, effort and lives to make our country a safer and better place. Thank you for that.

And for all the customers who allow Red Falcon to stay in business by purchasing the items we make, thank you for your support. It is a pleasure to do what we love to do – make armour and leather “stuff” – and have people buy and use those items. Thank you for that.

As we start the time of these holidays, please be happy, healthy and safe!


This weekend PA Ren Faire’s theme is “Heroes of the Realms”. This means that PA Ren Faire gives discounts to heroes – all active military, reserve, police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, members of veteran organizations and their immediate families – for throughout the weekend for admission tickets, as well as honoring these individuals throughout the day in the myriad shows. Hurrah!

Did you know that Red Falcon, on this weekend and any other day, at PA Ren Faire or any other event or convention, provides discounts to all of the above, as well as teachers and nurses? At any time, any military, veteran, police, firefighter, emt, teacher or nurse can receive at least 10% off their total purchase from Red Falcon AND Red Falcon will pay the sales tax for those purchases as well. We recognize the time, effort, commitment and many times, sacrifice, these members of our society give to help the rest of us live better lives. Thank you for your service to your country and community!