Greaves with SS Plate
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Leather Greaves



Product Description

Pair of leather greaves with flat, fluted, or splinted stainless steel plate, provides ultimate protection for your shins.

Protect those vulnerable shins with a pair of our leather greaves. Hand-crafted from leather, leather & stainless steel, leather & stainless steel splinted or leather & fluted stainless steel, these greaves come ready to wear with two straps that close with secure buckles. Stainless steel portions available in standard low-lustre and high (SHINY!) finish.

SCA, Renaissance, LARP safe and approved.

To ensure proper fit, please note the following with order or via email:
Male or Female?
Height and Weight
X,Y,Z,AA,BB from measurement man

Hand-crafted by Red Falcon in the United States. We do our best to get the items made and delivered as quickly as possible. Please remember that due to the fact that this is a handcrafted product, delivery may be up to 8 weeks.


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