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Ragnarok XXXIII

Ragnarok is Dagorhir’s famous annual battle event. For one week each year, the Chapters of Dagorhir from around the country gather to face each other on the battlefield, and share in the enjoyment of the hobby and its many aspects. Whether your desire is to test your mettle on the field of battle, share your artistic talents, learn from the experiences of other Dagorhirrim, or socialize your evening away by the campfire, these and many other activities can be found throughout the week at Ragnarok.

When you step into Ragnarok, you leave behind the real world and enter a world where warrior maidens and grizzled veterans fight side by side with elves, orcs, ancient Romans, rangers of the wild, undead and anything else you might find in the medieval fantasy genre. Ragnarok is a living, breathing celebration of Tolkein’s works and the history of the dark ages.

Æthelmearc War Practice

Rumblings of War have reached our boarders, to help prepare, Steltonwald invites all to gather again at Cooper’s Lake Campground, (205 Currie Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057) for AEthelmearc War Practice XXIX. May 17 – 20, 2018. The site opens Thursday at noon and troll closes on Saturday at 3:00 pm. Site closes at 3:00 pm Sun May 20,2018.

Please join with us as we endeavor to explore all of the marshal and peaceful activities the society offers. This will include, Rattan, Fencing, Archery, Thrown Weapons, Atlatal, Combat Archer, and Siege. The peaceful pursuits will include classes, meetings, shopping and more.


Ragnarok is Dagorhir’s famous annual war. For one week each year, the Realms of Dagorhir throughout the country gather for the final glorious battle: Ragnarok! Leave the real world behind and enter a realm of mighty heroes. A realm of the fantastic where warrior maidens and grizzled veterans fight side by side with Elves and Orcs. Ragnarok is a week-long extravaganza of mass melee and fun. Ragnarok is a living, breathing celebration of Tolkien’s works and of the European history that inspired those works. This event draws hundreds of Tolkien and medieval combat enthusiasts from all over the United States. Triumphs and defeats, parades and parties, tournaments and pit fighting, belly dancers, song, friendship, bloody battles and more lead up to the final battle and celebration!

War of the Wings X

For ten years, October has brought war to the southern lands of Atlantia. Always a conflict among friends, War of the Wings has resolved important disputes and … um … delicate situations, but most importantly, it has brought much joy and friendship to our fair Kingdom and Her friends.

The gates will open at noon on Wed. Oct. 14 and close at noon on Sun. Oct 18th. Join us on the verdant fields of beautiful Elchenburg Castle as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of War of the Wings while helping to settle the matter of Perversely Pilfered Peeps and Gregariously Grappled Goats as the Baronies of Black Diamond and Highland Foorde air grievances against their sister Baronies of Hidden Mountain and Notinghill Coill.

The event boasts nearly every activity practiced in the SCA from Armored & Rapier Fighting to Artistic Competitions, Classes, and Displays. From Shopping to Period Science. From Horse Jousts to Archery Shoots, the Performing Arts to Heraldic Research. From May Poles to Fireside Friendships. War of the Wings X will truly have something for everyone!
– See more at: http://warofthewings.com/index.html#sthash.MLUvjOEe.dpuf

Anthrocon: Viking Invasion!

Anthrocon began as Albany Anthrocon in 1997, and since then has grown into the largest anthropomorphics conventions in the world with a membership in 2012 of over 5,000 attendees. All of the finer aspects of anthropomorphic, or more commonly, “Furry” fandom, are celebrated here. Our programming includes workshops and seminars in acting, costume-building, animation, writing, art and design, and more. We also host an extensive art show where the best in anthropomorphic artwork is offered for sale, and a fursuit parade with over 1,000 amazing costumers.