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Test Tube


Product Description

Having extra test tubes on hand is always a good idea. You can’t always know when or where you will need that special elixir stored in there or when you will come across that very elusive sample of love potion that you will need to stopper in a … test tube!

Each test tube comes with a cork and is the size needed to fit into any of our test tube holder products – arm-band, thigh-band, belt holder, bracer, or bandoleer. Each test tube is 6 inches and holds approx. .75 oz (7.4 ml) when filled to the rim. Test tube colors may vary.

Hand-crafted by Red Falcon in the United States. We do our best to get the items made and delivered as quickly as possible. Please remember that due to the fact that this is a handcrafted product, delivery may be up to 8 weeks.


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